Your New Puppy

So You’ve Decided To Own A Samoyed Puppy

When you are sure that a Samoyed is the dog for you, your first question will probably be “Where do I find a puppy?” If you can attend some of the larger Championship shows, you will find many breeders who will offer advice and help in finding a puppy. Otherwise you can contact the Secretary, who usually has details of puppies available from reputable breeders. Sometimes, you may have to wait some months before a puppy becomes available.

Never buy a puppy from an establishment that sells all breeds of puppies. Always have your puppy from a samoyed breeder where you can see their mother, and sometimes father. Visit the breeder’s home, and see the environment where the puppy has grown up. Most breeders will insist you visit them a few weeks before the puppy is ready, so they can talk to you and ask you questions, and to see if they feel you are right to have one of their puppies!

Ask the breeder if they have had the bitches hips x-rayed, and whether the puppy will be checked by a vet before leaving them. The breeder should also advise you on grooming and feeding the puppy, along with details of worming and innoculations. Your puppy should also be microchipped by their breeder.

When you collect your puppy the breeder should give you the KC registration certificate, pedigree form and a diet sheet, as well as the reassurance that they are willing to assist with any problems that may arise throughout the dogs life.

If you have any questions or advice regarding purchasing a puppy, please contact the Secretary