Officers and Committee


PRESIDENT: Mrs. V. Freer



 COMMITTEE for 2019/2020

 CHAIRPERSON : Mrs. S. Smith


Ms P. Bolderson, Mr C. Brooks, Mrs M. Brooks, Mrs E. Cameron, Mrs. J. Handley, Mrs. B. Johnson, Mr P. Matfin, Mrs. M. Matfin,  Mrs. M. Payne, Mr P. Shaw, Mrs. D. Wilkes, Mrs A Mann, Mrs S Brandenberg

BCS Judging criteria, please download here BLC JUDGING CRITERIA (1)

NOTICE Annual General Meeting 6th April 2019

Dear Members,

The Annual General Meeting of The British Samoyed Club will be held on Saturday 6th April 2019 at Bearley Village Hall following completion of our Spring open show.

The main purpose of the meeting is to:

Receive the Chairpersons report

Adopt the audited accounts for the year ending 31st December 2018

To elect officers and committee for the following year

To deal with any other business for which due notice has been given.

The rules of the club require that the members of the committee retire at the end of each year, but are eligible for re-election.

The committee seeking re-election, are as follows;

Ms P Bolderson: Mrs S Brandenberg: Mr C Brooks: Mrs M Brooks : Mrs E Cameron: Mrs J Handley: Mrs B Johnson: Mrs M Matfin: Mr P Matfin: Mrs M Payne: Mr P Shaw: Mrs D Wilkes:

We still have vacancies on the committee which any members, who meet the following criteria are free to be put forward for. Members are therefore invited to send in any nominations in writing, duly proposed and seconded. All members shall be fully paid up members for at least 13 months before being elected as an Officer or Committee member. All nominations must be received by the Secretary by March 14th 2019

Members are also invited to submit items for inclusion on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. All such items must reach the Secretary by 16th March 2019.

The Agenda for the AGM will be sent to all fully members by 30th March 2019. Any member who has not received a copy by that date, should contact the Secretary without delay.

Membership renewal reminder for 2019 members who have not as yet renewed for this year, membership subscriptions for 2019 are Single £9 Joint £10 and Overseas £11.

Kind regards

Mrs T T Lloyd

Hon Secretary.

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