2013 April Open Show


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Best In Show
BIS Apr13sml
Mr N & Mrs J Collinson’s    Nikara Diamond Jubilee With Norjak

Reserve Best In Show
Res BIS Apr13sml
Mr T & Mrs A Gwynne’s Zamoyski Lucky Paris

Best Opposite Sex
BOS Apr13sml
Mr I & Mrs K Muncaster’s Zeelukzak Ice Man

Best Puppy In Show
BPIS Apr13sml
Ms A Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Victorious

Best Opposite Sex Puppy In Show
Mrs J Pike’s Lireva’s Illustrious

Best Veteran In Show
BVIS Apr13sml
Ms A Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch Samhaven Kaos Reigns at Lireva

Best Opposite Sex Veteran In Show
Mr M & Mrs S Atkins Santika Brave Baron


Minor Puppy Dog  (1)
[table]1,Miss A Mann’s,Zeelukzak Buggin ‘n Huggin[/table]

Puppy Dog  (2/1 abs)
[table]1,Mrs J Pike’s ,Lireva’s Illustrious[/table]

Junior Dog  (2)
[table]1,Mr P J & Mrs B Johnson’s,Nikara Iced Diamond
2,Mr S & Mrs E Cameron’s ,Vandreem Imperial Timo[/table]

Yearling Dog  (1)
[table]1 ,Mr P J & Mrs B Johnson’s ,Nikara Iced Diamond[/table]
Maiden Dog (1)
[table]1 ,Miss A Mann’s ,Zeelukzak Buggin ‘n Huggin[/table]

Novice Dog  (1)

[table]1,Miss A Mann’s,Zeelukzak Buggin ‘n Huggin[/table]

Graduate Dog  (1)
[table]1,Mr J& Mrs G Lewis,Snowsapphire Major Muffin of Hillvalley[/table]

Mid Limit Dog  (4)
[table]1,Mrs J Pike’s,Lireva’s Extreme Nobility
2,Mr A & Mrs J Woodhead/Mrs A Kirkwood,Vandreem Imperial Kennedy
3,Mr D\, Mrs E & Miss A Ellis’s,Lizanvide Prince Montague[/table]

Open Dog (4/1abs)
[table]1,Mr I & Mrs K J Muncaster’s,Zeelukzak Ice Man
2,Mr B & Mrs A Jebson’s ,Vandreem Imperial Piper
3 ,Mr R & Mrs R Oxley’s ,Amarige Paco Rabanne[/table]

Veteran Dog  (2/1abs)
[table]1,Mr M & Mrs S Atkins,Santika Brave Baron[/table]

[table]BD,Mr I & Mrs K J Muncaster’s ,Zeelukzak Ice Man
RBD,Mr P J & Mrs B Johnson’s,Nikara Iced Diamond
BPD,Mrs J Pike’s ,Lireva’s Illustrious[/table]

Minor Puppy Bitch  (5/1abs)
[table]1,Mrs G Hounslow ,Nikitta Katch a Falling Star
2,Mr A & Mrs J Woodhead’s ,Zeelukzak Ice ‘n Precious
3,Mrs G Hounslow ,Nikitta Katch Me If You Can
4,Mr D & Mrs M Short,Zeelukzak Ice n’ Glorious[/table]

Puppy Bitch  (3/1abs)
[table]1,Ms A Cawthera-Purdy’s,Lireva’s Victorious
2,Ms P Bolderson ,Lireva’s Sovereign at Annasirius[/table]

Junior Bitch  (4/1abs)
[table]1,Mr N & Mrs J Collinson’s ,Nikara Diamond Jubilee With Norjak
2,Ms A Cawthera-Purdy’s ,Nikara Diamond Tiara for Lireva
3,Mrs K Howlett,Tiksi Snowfire[/table]

Yearling Bitch  (5/1abs)
[table]1,Mr T & Mrs A Gwynne’s ,Zamoyski Lucky Paris
2,Mrs K Howlett ,Tiksi Snowfire
3,Mr & Mrs P Lepley’s,Sarnoushka Tiger Lily
4,Mr P & Mrs D McGreade ,Frostia Someone Like You[/table]

Maiden Bitch  (no entries)

Novice Bitch  (1/1abs)

Graduate Bitch  (8/5abs)
[table]1,Mr G Hooper ,Naduska Chiavenna
2,Mr D & Mrs M Young ,Kimeekasams Miss Chief
3,Mr & Mrs P Lepley’s,Sarnoushka Tiger Lily[/table]

Mid Limit Bitch  (9/3abs)
[table]1,Mr P & Mrs D McGreade ,Nikara Private Dancer
2,Messrs A.M & N.W & Mrs M.B. Armitt,Timra’s Bewitched of the Mist
3,Ms P Bolderson’s ,Lireva’s Excessive At Annasirius
4,Mrs D Wilkes ,Vandreem Imperial Cerruti[/table]

Open Bitch  (2)
[table]1,Mr T & Mrs A Gallagher ,Annecy Blue Diamond at Samgold
2,Mr P & Mrs M Matfin’s ,Vandreem Imperial Shandlin With Ashlantie Sh CM[/table]

Veteran Bitch  (2/1abs)
[table]1,Ms A Cawthera-Purdy’s ,Ch Samhaven Kaos Reigns at Lireva[/table]

[table]BB,Mr N & Mrs J Collinson’s  ,Nikara Diamond Jubilee With Norjak
RBB,Mr T & Mrs A Gwynne’s ,Zamoyski Lucky Paris
BPB,Ms A Cawthera-Purdy’s ,Lireva’s Victorious[/table]

Junior Handling 6 -11 years
[table]1,Amy Lepley[/table]

Junior Handling 12 – 16 years

BJH: Amy Lepley