2021 Championship Show

Best in Show: CH Nikara Secret Love by Norjack JW

Reserve Best in Show: Nikara Sweet Dreams for Kimeekasams

Best Opposite Sex: Ch Novaskaja Xander Lefay JW

Best Puppy in Show: Silbertips Star Attraction at Zakaytia (AI)

Best Opposite Puppy in Show: Silbertips Starry Knight (AI)

Best Veteran in Show: Ch Nikara Diamond jubilee with Norjack

Best Opposite Veteran in Show: Ch Taronakits Kenco with Norjack

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Best Veteran In Show

Judge: Paul Lawless Critique

Many thanks to the Committee of the British Samoyed Club for the very special invitation to judge at their Club Show. I had a very nice entry with quality throughout, dogs well presented and a very sporting group of exhibitors. It was a lovely atmosphere with the visit of Santa who brought mince pies instead of toys, that’s my kind of Santa…

Overall I found more depth of quality in the females, a little bit difficult at times to assess movement in the indoor hall. I found a couple of very promising youngsters whose progress I will follow with interest. 

Puppy Dog (2)

1. Fielding’s, Silbertips Starry Knight, this boy was enjoying his day out. Full of energy, but thankfully for his owners sake, he was calm by the end of the day !!! He is excellent size and shape, with a balanced head, nice eye shape and colour. He has excellent bone, kept his topline well, with an excellent tail placement and carriage. Just needs to settle on the movement, but good to see him enjoying himself. Best Puppy Dog.

2. Bule’s, Smiles of Seven Hills Grand Masterpiece by Dreambig, a very nice puppy of excellent type who had a lovely balanced side gait.. He has a lovely outline, well balanced, good bone, well angulated front and rear. Pleasing head developing nicely, excellent coat and well presented. Unfortunately he was rather reserved, so could not place higher today.. 

Junior Dog (4,1)

1. Craig & Scobell’s, Samoravich Danger Zone, I really liked this youngster, medium size, he has a super outline. A nicely balanced head, excellent pigment, nice dark eye, with well placed ears of good size. Good reach of neck, excellent topline, good tail placement and carriage. Excellent on the move coming and going and was beautifully balanced in his side gait. Presentation was superb with good coat of excellent texture. He was just a shade reserved with me today, but I felt very worthy of the Reserve Dog CC and I am sure he will go on to better things.

2. Dodds’, Bondsmoor Autumnal Breeze,  well grown 14 month old, of excellent type. He has a balanced head of good strength, medium dark eye, excellent ears. Topline was OK, just falls away slightly at croup. Good bone and feet, he moved really freely, just tends to stand a little narrow in front at times.

3. Vidak’s, Lacewood Winters Wish.

Yearling Dog (1)

1. Farrington’s, Vandreem Imperial McQueen by Amarige, very pleasing type, 19 months old, of good size. He has a balanced head with excellent pigment. Excellent bone and feet, but tends to stand crooked at times in front. Excellent topline and tail placement, he has a nicely balanced side gait, could be a little more positive in the rear moving away.

Graduate Dog (1)

1. Catterall’s, Cocosamel Sycomore, 4 years old of medium size, with a lot of biscuit marking. Medium dark eye, ears of good size but placed a little close together. He has OK bone and feet. Topline is OK, tail is carried tightly on back.  Not in full bloom today, he moved freely, could have a shade more drive from the rear.

Post Graduate Dog (3,1)

1. Fremlin’s, Jazzmonta Thunder at Icewind, a very pleasing typy dog of 2 & 1/2 years. Good size, balanced head with a medium dark eye, excellent ear size, placement and carriage. Excellent pigmentation, good bone and feet, excellent topline, just a shade long in the loin. Moved freely with an excellent side gait. Well presented in excellent coat and condition. 

2. Catterall’s, Cocosamel Sycomore.

Limit Dog (4)

1. Humphrey’s, Tiksi Time After Time, 2 years old, of medium size, lovely shape, balanced head with a nice dark eye and excellent lip pigment. Good topline and tail, excellent coat, splayed feet a little on the move but was well handled and moved freely.

2. Hurrell’s, Nikara I Have A Dream, this boy is almost 3 years old, excellent size but he was carrying a little too much condition today. Nice eye and ears are excellent size and shape, would have preferred a slightly better muzzle line. He carried a big coat, which was well presented and of excellent texture. A shade weak on the left pastern coming towards.

3. Catterall’s, Cocosamel Sycomore.

Open Dog (4)

1. Moody & Haffenden’s, Ch. Novaskaya Xander Lefay, 3 years old, lovely type and excellent size and shape. He has a balanced head, nice eye and lovely expression. Ears are excellent size and shape and well placed. He has good bone and feet. Super temperament. Excellent body proportions, good topline and tail carriage. Not in full bloom today, but what he had was of excellent texture. Faultless on the move, pleased to award him the Dog CC & Best Opposite Sex in Show.

2.Muncaster’s, Altunha Northern Lights, a very impressive 5 year old, with a balanced head, nice eye and expression. Maximum bone, in excellent coat and condition, well presented and handled. Balanced angulation, tends to splay feet slightly and I would have liked to have seen a little more life to him on the move.

3. Young’s, Furzeland Devon Blaze Avec Cocosamel.

Veteran Dog (6,2)

1. Collinson’s, Ch Taronakits Kenko with Norjack, this boy is 8 years old and in super condition. Excellent type, with a super outline. Balanced head with a medium dark eye, beautiful expression.  Good neck, excellent topline and tail carriage. In super coat and well presented, he had excellent bone and feet and moved really well. Best Veteran Dog.

2. Wilson’s, Samnouska Chase the Ace, good size dog of 7 & 1/2 years, presented in excellent coat and condition for his age. Pleasing head with a nice eye and expression, good reach of neck, topline was OK, a little deep through the body for me which spoiled his proportions. Good bone and feet and he moved soundly.

3. Craig & Chen’s, Lt Ch, Est Ch, Aust Ch Lunasea One of a Kind.

Breeders Dog (2)

1. Moody & Haffenden’s, Ch Novaskaya Xander Lefay.

2. Dodds’, Bondsmoor Autumnal Breeze.

Good Citizen Dog (1)

1. Weston’s, Annecy Galaxy Rock, 6 years old, good size male, good pigment, medium dark eye, would prefer a better expression.  Good bone, but weak in the pastern. A double curl on his tail, not in full bloom today, moderate angulation front and rear, he moved freely.

Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1. Short’s, Silbertips Star Attraction at Zakaytia, 9 months old, enjoying her day out. Very pleasing type, balanced feminine head. Nice eye, ears of good size, well carried and excellent pigmentation. Good bone and feet, excellent topline and tail carriage. Excellent coat coming through, moved freely when settled, beat her brother for Best Puppy in Show.

Junior Bitch (2,1)

1. McRobbie-Dolchow’s, Bondsmoor Autumnal Rainbow, 14 months old and just looking a little raw in the body at this time. She has an attractive feminine head, lovely eye and expression, excellent pigmentation. She moves freely and she has a wonderful temperament.

Yearling Bitch (3,1)

1. Harris’, Zenozak Sister of the Moon, 20 months, very pleasing size, shape and outline. She has a pleasing head with a nice eye and expression. Excellent bone, excellent topline, tail is a tight curl. Balanced on the move.

2. Nunn’s, Zenozak Rumours Songbird,20 months with attractive feminine head. Good neck and topline with good tail carriage. A little raw at the moment, good coat coming through, moved freely, excellent temperament.

Maiden Bitch (4)

1. Bule’s, Aklaro Perfect Time to Dreambig, 20 months, excellent size and shape, really well presented and handled. Lovely eye and expression, excellent ear placement. Good neck and topline, good bone and feet, balanced angulation, moved freely.

2. Lord’s, Appassionata Diamondream, 2 & 1/2 years, very nice type. Nice eye and expression, eye could be just a shade darker. Good bone and feet, a little steep in upper arm. Excellent topline and tail carriage, good coat. Could be a shade more compact in the body, moved well coming and going…

3. Harris’, Zenozak Sister of the Moon.

Novice Bitch (3)

1. Lord’s, Appassionata Diamondream.

2. Brookes’ & Foss’, Appassionata Dream Fantasy, a very well presented medium size 2 1/2 year old. Lovely size and shape, prefer better bite. Feminine head with a nice eye and expression. Nice reach of neck, good topline, good bone and feet. Has a tendency to pace at times on the move, but nice sidegait when settled.

3. Short’s, Silbertips Star Attraction at Zakaytia.

Graduate Bitch (2,1)

1.Brookes’ & Foss’, Appassionata Dream Fantasy.

Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1. Howlett’s, Tiksi Forget Me Not,  2 years old, attractive feminine head, excellent pigmentation,  with a lovely eye and expression. Good bone and feet, good neck and topline, good tail carriage. In excellent coat and condition and well handled.

2. McRobbie-Dalchow’s, Mangata Jade Knight, 2 years old, substantial lady, up to size. She has a nice eye and expression, excellent outline. good bone and feet. Excellent coming and going on the move and nicely balanced in her sidegait.

3. Mann’s, Taronakits Its Krystal at Dixierose.

Limit Bitch (6,1)

1. Johnson’s, Nikara Sweet Dreams for Kimeekasams, almost 3 years she is a very striking female. Very harmonious outline, attractive feminine head with a lovely eye and expression and excellent pigmentation. Nice topline, excellent tail carriage. Well angulated front and rear, excellent bone and feet, well presented and handled. Lovely free movement, good coming and going. Was very close up for the CC, I just felt she looked a little immature in final line up beside the open winner. Pleased to award her the Reserve Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show.

2. McGreadie’s, Nikara Neverending Dream for Frostia, another nice female, almost 3 years old. Excellent type, she has a balanced head, nice eye and expression, ears are excellent shape and well carried. Good topline and excellent bone and feet. A little longer cast than the winner, she was lovely coming and going and balanced in her sidegait.

3. Bostock’s Dandisam Forever Fabulous.

Open Bitch (10,4)

1. Collinson’s, Ch Nikara Secret Love by Norjack, 4 years old, this female was so eye catching. Beautiful outline, presented in full bloom and in tip top condition. Balanced feminine head, nice eye and expression, though eye could have been a shade darker. Ears were excellent size and shape and well placed. Lovely reach of neck, super topline and tail carriage. Good bone and feet. Excellent angulation front and rear. Foot perfect coming and going and beautifully balanced in her sidegait. Very pleased to award her the Bitch CC & Best in Show.

2. Dent’s, Whitespirit Madam Mischief, very taken with this 5 year old. She has a pleasing head with excellent pigment, excellent ears, neck and topline. Good bone and feet, well angulated front and rear. . Well presented and handled, would like to have seen her a shade more positive coming towards.

3. Matfin’s, Ch Tiksi Dancing Flame with Ashlantie.

Veteran Bitch (5,3)

1. Collinson’s, Ch. Nikara Diamond Jubilee with Norjack, coming up 10 years of age, what a credit she is to her owner, in the best condition, carrying a wonderful coat and looking the part in the CC line up, even at this age. Balanced outline, pleasing head, neck and topline. Good bone and feet, balanced angulation. Like a puppy she wanted to go faster on the move, but she settled to show off beautifully balanced movement. Best Veteran in Show.

2. Short’s, Zeelukzak Ice’N Glorious at Zakaytia, another super veteran of 9 years old. Excellent presentation, pleasing outline, nice neck and topline. I would prefer a slightly better expression, she is a little strong in the skull over the eyes. Once again she excelled on the move with a wonderful sidegait.

Breeders Bitch (3,2)

1. Bostock’s, Dandisam Forever Fabulous, 4 years old, well presented and handled. She has a pleasing head, a shade steep in the upper arm. Good topline, excellent bone and feet and very good coming and going on the move.

Good Citizen Bitch (2,1)

1. Bostock’s, Dandisam Forever Fabulous.

Judge Paul Lawless