Show Calendar 2024

Please note as announcements are made the website will be updated.

1/9/24  Manchester,  Mr G Scobell*

9/3/24 Crufts,  Mrs C W Hale

31/3/24 Northern Samoyed Society,  Mrs S Hewart-Chambers

20/3/24 Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales,  Mr J Ritchie

28/4/24  WELKS, Mrs J Collinson

28/4/24  Samoyed Association,  Irene Green

10/5/24  National Dog Show,  Miss S R M Thomson

18/5/24  Scottish Kennel Club,  Mrs H Salmon-Wilson

24/5/24  Bath,  Mr G A Hill

31/5/24  Southern Counties, Ms P Moffat*

7/6/24  Three Counties,  Mrs C I Buecheler

15/6/24  Border Union,  Mrs A M Cawthera-Purdy

23/6/24  Blackpool, Mr K A Nathan,  (General Champ Show No CC’s)

5/7/24  East of England,  TBC,  )General Champ Show, No CC’s)

7/7/24  Boston , Wendy Brandrick  (General Champ Show No CC’s)

13/7/24  National Working and Pastoral Breeds,  MrsJ Woodhead

28/7/24  Leeds,  Barry Clarke

2/8/24  Paignton,  Mr T Nagrecha

12/8/24  Bournemouth,  Mr K R Newhouse

18/8/24  Welsh Kennel Club,  Mr G C Duffield

26/8/24  Driffield,  Mrs G C Chapman

29/8/24  City of Birmingham,  Mr F Kane

29/8/24  Samoyed Association, Hilary Breece

6/9/24  Richmond,  TBC, (General Champ Show, no CC’s)

13/9/24  Darlington,  Mrs A Hansell

29/9/24  Belfast,  TBC

11/10/24  South Wales Kennel Association,  Ms J Johnson

27/10/24  Midland Counties,  Mr E Engh

2/11/24  Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland,  TBC

10/11/24  Samoyed Breed & Owners League,  Mrs A J Challenger

8/12/24  British Samoyed Club,  Mrs T Lloyd

13/12/24  Ladies Kennel Club,  Ms A Y King