Training your Samoyed should start from the moment you bring your puppy home.

They are a very intelligent breed but have an independent nature, so you must be very patient but persistent with the training.

Voice commands are all that are necessary, make the training fun and give commands with enthusiasm. Samoyeds generally want to please you, so remember to give them praise when they obey a command.

You should find puppy socialisation classes in your area. Your vet should be able to give you details. At these classes they can mix with other puppies, so that as they grow up they will be happy with other dogs around them.

You can start with the basic training commands at these classes. Samoyeds can be very vocal, so your puppy should be taught the meaning of “Quiet”. Lead training is also important, as Samoyeds do tend to pull on their leads, if they are not checked. You can find local training classes for basic obedience at your vets or contact the Kennel Club.

Samoyeds are not the easiest breed to train because they soon become bored and distracted, however with lots of encouragement it has been known for Samoyeds to gain obedience certificates, in fact, a Samoyed has been used as a guide dog in the past.

For those training for the show ring, remember that you need different commands from an early age. Teach your puppy to ‘stand’ for just a couple of minutes each day before giving them their dinner. Tempt them with a little of the food. They will soon learn that if they stand still for long enough they will get a reward! You then of course need ‘ringcraft’ classes, to get the puppy used to a ‘showring’ situation. At these classes he will learn how to stand still while a ‘judge’ feels over his body. Then to walk on a loose lead, at the correct pace.